Gold Coast clear is one of the safest and most secure brands we’ve seen. We know there’s no reason to doubt their validity because these verified cartridges have undergone various lab tests approved by CannaSafe. . They really are working hard to keep their customers safe. We appreciated the implementation of that precautionary system. Because of recent news, we are mindful of the products we use for vaping and we want you to be as well.

Gold Coast clear cartridges box

When you unbox the cartridge from the master box, there is a list of the different flavor options. On the top of every box  you can scan to view the carts content and verify your Gold Coast clear carts  lab results. We were able to see the paperwork, approved and signed by the manager of the lab. If you have a recent android, the QR scanner is already installed on the phone and we were able to instantly view the live lab results of the product we were consuming directly through the CannaSafe website.

Lab Tests

These THC cartridges from Gold Coast clear are extremely reliable because of the lab tests that they put them through.  It is great news that Gold Coast clear is taking these steps to keep their products safe.  When you get your THC cartridge box, there is a QR code on the side that you can scan to see all of the results that came back from the lab.


After a fair vote; our favorites of the Indica  were; Gold Coast Clear Grape Ape and Gold Coast Clear LA Confidential. . The  Indica was harder to decide but we came to a consensus thatGold Coast Clear Zkittlez and Gold Coast Clear Christmas Edition reigned supreme. The Hybrid winners were Gold Coast Clear Summer Edition and Gold Coast Clear Summer Disposables . Don’t let us be the decider. You need to grab a box of Glo Extracts and decide for yourself! There are 30+ flavors available to explore and indulge in

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